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theirs Issue 1, Spring-Summer 2024 / Mina Galan photographed by Joseph Echenique

Table of Contents:

Love in the Ring by Estelle Hanania and Benoit Béthume
I Stay Grounded by Kíra Krász and George Roast
As Opposed to? by Yiling Zhao and Salomé Poloudenny
God Loves This City by Joseph Echenique and Mina Galan
Watching the World Go By with Miguel Adrover in conversation with Nimco Kulmiye Hussein
Between Prunus and Syringa by Iiris Kamari
Supporting Love by Evan Purdy
On Friendship by Inès Michelotto and Dani d’Ingeo
Power of Perception by Diane Betties & Céline Laviolette
Hello Girlies by Ana Viktoria Dzinic
Mountain of A by Margaret Liang
I See You Again by Niko and Inês Bizarro
Grief Letter by Amanda Ripatti

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